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26 December 2003 @ 04:27 pm
X-men Evolution  
Quiz Result Scott and Rogue
You're like Scott and Rogue. You desire to be close
to someone, especially the one that you care
about, but it seems it will never happen for
you. After they showed interest in another
person, you became cold and distant towards
that emotion so many refer to as
"love". Though you swear never to
"fall in love", some part of you
still wishes and hopes to fall in love.

Which X-Men Evolution Couple Are You??
brought to you by Quizilla

*pouts* I was hoping to get Todd and Kurt. ^_^

Quiz Result Lance
You're the rebel without a cause, Lance Alvers.
You're the hothead, stubborn leader of the
Brotherhood and all around bad-boy. But despite
that side of you, you do have a caring side,
that isn't really shown a lot. There's also a
paternal part of you that makes you a
responsible person, well on your way to
becoming a half-decent leader.

Which X-Men Evolution Guy Are You??
brought to you by Quizilla
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